Move More!

Today my 65 year old female client that I've been training for ten years finished up an intense Structural Integrity session and asked if she could workout another hour! I had a cancellation so it worked out perfectly for me but, I hesitated because we just recently resolved a chronic injury.

 We all need a lot more movement than we get in our daily lives so, I decided to run her through a cardiovascular kickboxing routine. At the end of our second hour of intensive exercise she asked if she could do a third hour.   I reluctantly declined because we could have done something else, but by this time she needed to eat something.

She was feeling great and was definitely on an endorphin high but I was happy for her. She's pain free and is able to safely do more than most 20-year olds.

We all should aspire to move more every day. An hour at the gym isn't enough... get on the floor and crawl around with your child or grandchild, stretch, walk, run and lift - and you will enjoy your life more.

Contributed by Mike George
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