Keeping Resolutions!

With the sounds of champagne popping and tones of noise makers silenced behind us, one sound lingers: the promise of the resolution. Thousands are made across the globe, but how many are kept? How many are realistic and how many pertain to fitness? Perhaps 2013 should be your year to do the unthinkable: keep your fitness resolution!
Think about it: obesity is on the rise, super-sizing has become a staple to the diet and stress is a demon that plagues us all. An excuse is easy to find: too tired, too busy, and too expensive. We all look to succeed in our jobs, finances and interpersonal relations yet overlook success that is of most importance: our health. Instead of contemplating change in fitness or diet, be proactive: do something!
For those of us who run at the site of a gym, start small: take that extra flight of stairs, walk at lunch or to work or do the inevitable and see a trainer. This is the easiest way to maintain consistent since there is no burden in managing your workout or intensities. All you have to do is show up to shape up!
Every year we see the cardio machines packed in every gym from January through February. In March, it is always empty again. We find that the number one reason is boredom. So instead of 45 minutes on the treadmill, try 15 minutes on the bike, stepper and elliptical instead. Hit the treadmill too, but break it up to relieve the monotony. The important thing, if you are trying to lose weight, is to keep your heart in the fat burning zone. If you are bored of lifting weights, try an intense Pilates or Yoga session. Many clubs offer resistance classes so you can keep it interesting there too.
Regardless of your fitness level the one component we can all benefit from is nutrition. With the 3 leading causes of death being diet related (heart disease, cancer and stroke) we owe it to ourselves to nix that super-sizing habit, trade an apple for that chocolate scone and cut out the fat. These are all easier said than done. Lucky for us there is an increasing amount of professional dietitians and personal chefs to help us make that transition and provide knowledge and tools for success. Many studios and clubs now offer these services with either full time or part time staff. Take advantage as these professionals for either an assessment or recurring appointments. Either way, these professionals can help you get big results by making little adjustments.
 Contributed by Mike George
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